Installing a home theater system can be a major project to undertake, but it can provide a substantial return in terms of entertainment value. If you are currently considering installing this type of system but lack some information, you may find a couple of answers to routinely asked home theater questions useful.

How Can You Make Your Home Theater System More Space Efficient?

It is a common misconception among some homeowners that they will need a tremendous amount of space in order to have one of these systems installed. However, modern technological advancements have greatly reduced the amount of space that is needed for one of these systems. For example, rather than needing several large speakers, it is possible to install a series of much smaller speakers that will provide exceptional sound quality while being more space efficient and discreet. Likewise, it is possible to opt for an overhead projector rather than a physical television.

Wiring this system can be another space concern as you may be worried about needing to manage many wires crisscrossing your entertainment room. However, modern home theater systems are able to be almost completely wireless. While you will still need wires to connect the various components to power sources, wireless networking makes it possible for sound and video to be sent from one device to another without the need for space-consuming and unsightly data cables.

What Should Be Done To Protect The Theater System?

Due to the investment that a home theater system will represent, there are some basic steps that should be taken to protect it against damages. In particular, electrical surges are extremely hazardous to these systems, which will make it prudent to install a surge suppression system. At the time of purchasing the system, you will be given the option to investment in an extended warranty, and while the cost for this coverage may seem somewhat expensive, it can protect you against many repair and replacement costs in the future.

Lastly, you will need to contact your homeowner's insurance to update your policy. Many policies require major improvements and expensive items to be itemized. By contacting your insurance, you will be able to learn the steps for properly documenting your home theater system so that it will be covered in the event that the area of the home where it is located suffers damages. In many instances, this may simply involve submitting the receipt for the system, the installation invoice or pictures of it in the home. 

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