Digital media is becoming consumed daily through a bevy of growing platforms across the globe. Social media platforms and smart phones are facilitating a new wave of digital applications that are transforming the way people live. Businesses and entrepreneurs, such as LocalSphere, not to be left behind, are finding new ways to leverage these advances to reach their customers more seamlessly and in innovative ways to increase profits. Whether you are a consumer looking for the next big thing, or an executive looking for new avenues to increase sales, consider these hot trends in digital media that are certain to inspire you.

Disrupted News Models

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and RSS are getting content to people faster and more seamlessly than more traditional forms of media. These applications are helping writers and revolutionaries get their messaging and reporting out directly to their audience at lightning speed, all the while reaching people that at one time were out of reach. Some journalists have even used these platforms to find sources and complete other forms of research.

New Definition of Brand Identity

No longer are brands dependent on lavish PR campaigns to get out the word on their products and services. Digital platforms like WordPress and YouTube have enabled companies to reach their loyal patrons directly and unfiltered. They simply can upload a new item or announce the release of a new service on their Twitter feed and their patrons know where to go to acquire it.

Content Delivery Mechanisms

New models have emerged that have subverted how content is organized and delivered to an audience. The integration of the web, smart phones, and analytics have formulated more personalized approaches to content distribution as readers and advertisers alike seek customized approaches to navigating an ocean of content. No longer are companies dictating strictly what readers consume, instead a variety of factors are working together to formulate unique content experiences for users. 


As consumers become more technologically savvy, they are becoming highly adept at digesting content through various means simultaneously. A user on their laptop may watch a movie and chat with their friends on Facebook at the same time, while checking their smart phone for Twitter updates from their favorite musical act. Businesses and content creators have not missed this trend and have introduced a medley of incentives to encourage users to actively share their content experiences on social applications and platforms as well as utilizing interactive features on complementary devices.