Utilizing a professional colocation service has a number of advantages that businesses housing their own servers will likely never realize. From more secure physical and virtual data storage, to increased bandwidth capacity and improved reliability, data center colocation services represent one of the smartest investments a company can make. Following is a brief list of some of advantages that such service providers offer their clients.

More Secure Data Storage

With the advent of mobile and wireless technology in recent years, not only has the public experienced exponential increases in the ease with which they can access online content, but content breaches have also become much more common. Colocation services offer levels of security and data protection that you simply cannot get by housing your own servers. 

Top tier colocation service facilities are designed to withstand external influences such as natural disasters and harsh weather, but they also incorporate security measures to protect against internal threats. These measures include the use of systems such as biometric scanners and card-key access points, as well as 24 hour video surveillance. Of course, colocation services also provide virtual protection from DDoS attacks, or distributed denial of service attacks, that aim to shut down website servers by overloading them with traffic from various sources.

Streamlined Bandwidth

Another benefit of enlisting the services of data colocation centers is the quality and quantity of bandwidth available. As computers and mobile devices become faster and faster, businesses need to provide customers with more and more bandwidth to simply maintain the user experience online. 

Large scale colocation services can offer businesses substantial bandwidth limits at prices far below local providers. Additionally, for businesses that require substantial bandwidth to service thousands or tens of thousands of customers, utilizing a colocation service can eliminate the hassle and convoluted nature of dealing with multiple providers in different regions. 

Better Network Reliability

Perhaps the most important aspect of colocation data centers is their ability to maintain or improve the reliability of your network. It is a well established fact that server downtime directly correlates with lower revenues (see first paragraph on pg. 3). In addition to the cost of employee related downtime, you have to consider the effect of downtime on customers as well. Particularly, customers are disinclined to sit around waiting for a website to load or a product page to refresh, even when they're shopping. By housing servers in secure facilities with sufficient back-up power supplies, colocation centers can drastically reduce the financial losses associated with server downtime, if not eliminate them completely. 

While there are other benefits to data colocation services, data security, improved bandwidth, and better network reliability are certainly among the most important. For more information, contact Isomedia, Inc.