Your business needs exposure to gain your target market's interest and sell more products and services.  Instagram provides a platform for attracting followers, who can help spread the word about your business and boost your bottom line. But how can you attract more followers? Try to buy Instagram shoutouts.

What Is a Shoutout?

A shoutout is a tool used to get more exposure for your Instagram profile. Here's how it works:

  • You set up a compelling Instagram profile.
  • You arrange for another user, preferably one with lots of followers, to upload your screen shot to his own profile.
  • Other Instagram users see the shoutout (the uploaded screen shot), and if your content interests them, start following you as well.

How to Arrange a Shoutout

Many Instagram users provide shoutout instructions you can see when viewing their accounts. For instance, an Instagram user may require you to follow him, like a few of his images and possibly do a shoutout for him before he will post one for you. To arrange one with an Instagram user who hasn't posted such instructions, request a shoutout via a private message, offering to do one for him in exchange. You can also purchase shoutouts from online marketing companies. Prices vary.

If an Instagram user agrees to give you a shoutout, he will take a screen shot of your profile and upload it to his profile. When you give shoutouts for other users, you will need to take the screen shot yourself.

Ready Your Profile for a Shoutout

Instagram users need a reason to pay attention to your profile and follow you after your shoutout. If you have products to sell, your profile should make buying them easy. Here's how to accomplish that:

  • Attractiveness counts. Use eye-catching, high-resolution photos. Lower-quality photos, such as those taken with a smartphone, don't get as much attention. Hire a photographer to help you take engaging photos.
  • Tell a story. Upload images that tell a story about your business or about your target customer. Images that provoke emotion promote engagement. For example, a roadside assistance company might upload a collection of images that show an employee rescuing a couple stranded in severe weather.
  • Include links to your products. Users who see your screen shot and head over to your profile won't want to hunt for a way to buy from you. If you post pictures of products, provide a buy link in the image description section.
  • Sell subtly. Instagram profiles that hit users over the head with sales pitches don't do as well. Make the bulk of your Instagram profile compelling images that inspire users to feel a personal bond with your company. Make images focused on selling only a small percentage of your profile.
  • Try a contest. Contests attract new followers and get lots of attention to profiles, so set up a contest or giveaway to get new shoutouts. To enter, Instagram users have to follow you and then do a shoutout for your business. Choose the winner randomly or select the user who adds the best call of action to his shoutout.

Instagram can make an effective addition to your marketing tool arsenal. Use shoutouts to give your marketing plans extra punch.