If you have a home theater system, you are definitely going to want subwoofers. The subwoofers are what provide the low frequency effects of the soundtrack. Most homeowners may opt for one subwoofer with their home theater system. However, this usually doesn't provide the full effects that you need if you have a larger or irregularly shaped room. Here's how you can add two or more subwoofers for your home theater system:

Two Subwoofers:

If you want to have just two subwoofers for your home theater system, there are three different ways in which you can install them:

  1. RCA Y-Adapter: You will want to use an RCA Y-Adapter if you have a home theater system that only has one pre-out for the subwoofers to plug into. You will plug the RCA Y-Adapter into this pre-out and it can then plug into the two different subwoofers that you have since the Adapter splits into two different cables. 
  2. Two Pre-Outs: If your home theater system has two pre-outs for subwoofers, then you can simply plug one subwoofer in one of the pre-outs and the other in the other pre-out. 
  3. Line in and Line Out: If one of your subwoofers has both a line in and a line out, then you can attach the home theater system to the line in, and use the line out to plug in the second subwoofer. 

Three or Four Subwoofers: 

If you want to install three or four subwoofers to your home theater system, then you may want to consider being sure that all of the subwoofers you purchase have a line in and a line out. This will allow you to just chain them together instead of complicating matters by purchasing extra RCA Y-Adapter cables. This will also ensure that it doesn't matter in which order you install the subwoofers since they will all connect to each other the same because they all have the line in and line out option.

Wireless Subwoofers:

A simple way to connect subwoofers to your home theater system is by using wireless subwoofers. This will make the room in which your home theater system is installed less cluttered with cables. Hooking these up to your home theater system shouldn't be too complicated so long as you follow the instructions on the manual that came with the type of wireless subwoofers you have purchased. 

Installing a subwoofer to your home theater system is going to ensure that you experience the right sounds when watching movies. Installing more than one will ensure that you experience the full effects, so be sure that you install the right amount of subwoofers that you want in the space. For more information, contact local home theater installation professionals like those at AV Connect Denver