As you look at pay TV options, there are some additional things that you will want to consider beyond price. Each pay TV service has a unique series of value-added benefits that can significantly alter your choice. Look at their various products to get an idea of what is the best choice for you.

  1. The DVR. Each company has a proprietary DVR, and they are all great products. Some can record up to 6 shows at once, while others give you a whole series of shows on demand so that you can view them at any time. Some DVRs can instantly skip 30 seconds of commercials when you push the jump forward button. Other DVRs fast forward through 30 seconds instead of making the instantaneous jump. That can make a big difference for your TV experience!
  2. Remote viewing. Many services have some kind of remote viewing functionality that can be an incredible addition. There are a few different kinds of remote viewing. One option allows you to access your DVR and TV tuner wherever you are in the world. Another partners with content providers so that you can view events live using their apps. As a result you don't have to miss anything that is on while you are out of town. 
  3. The remote. While people rarely comparison shop based on a remote control, get a feel for the remote that comes with your pay television kit. Some use RF waves in addition to infrared. As a result, you can put your DVR somewhere else in the house to keep it out of sight. In addition to RF capabilities, look for an option that is ergonomically friendly and feels good in your hands. Finally, you will want any remote to have some universal capabilities so that it can control almost any home theater device.
  4. Bonus channels. While every cable company offers the same television channels, each provider also has some nice bonuses that can make your entertainment options just a little nicer. Some providers include a variety of satellite radio channels that add some great ambiance to a room or act as a replacement for any existing satellite radio subscription you may have for your home. Others offer exclusive sports channels that you can't find anywhere else

As you look at getting a new pay television solution for your home, consider the entire offering of the different providers, ones like A-1 Discount Satellites, before just comparing prices and top-line features. You'll find that there is more to it than who has the smallest initial payment.