A working copy machine is an essential device for many businesses, but these are expensive and complex devices to have. If you do not keep them properly maintained, it is possible for the device to experience major malfunctions. Luckily, there are a couple of simple tips you can follow that will drastically reduce the chances your copy machine fails to work when you need it. 

Store The Paper Away From High Humidity

High humidity levels can cause major problems for many electronic devices, and a copy machine is no different. However, many business owners may not realize that high humidity levels can make a copy machine far more likely to jam. This results when the paper that will be used to copy documents absorbs moisture from the air. While the paper may not feel wet to the touch, it can contain just enough water to make it more likely to jam the device. 

To avoid paper jams caused by the humidity, you should always store paper in an airtight container and away from water sources. This simple trick can help ensure that your paper does not absorb enough moisture to jam when it is running through the printer. 

Keep The Copier Free Of Dust

Over time, dust particles can accumulate on the surface and interior of the copy machine. Once inside the device, this dust will make it difficult for the belts and gears to move the paper through the printer. Luckily, there are a couple of simple ways to mitigate this problem. 

Firstly, you should run a vacuum over the exterior of the printer to remove dust from the surface of the device. Also, when you are doing this maintenance, you should open the front hatch to the copier, and use the vacuum to remove the dust from the interior of the device. 

After vacuuming the copy machine, you should place cleaning paper on the top of the paper that is in the device. This type of paper has a slight static charge, and this will remove dust from the belts, gears and print heads inside the copy machine. 

Many business owners neglect to realize that a copy machine requires extensive maintenance and cleaning to keep it functioning correctly. By failing to follow proper care tips, you may find that your copy machine can become very unreliable. However, following these two maintenance tips can help ensure that your copy machine avoid some of the most common causes for paper jams. 

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