It's definitely a bummer when you only find out about concerts at the last minute. This is especially the case if you have limited funds. Here are a few ways to find deals on concert tickets without having to take out a second mortgage to pay for it all.

Mobile Apps

An event app for Android or another mobile system can go a long way to making this process easier. The app has the advantage of being able to access the GPS on your phone so it can tell you exactly where you are without you inputting anything.

So even if you got the app in your old location, it can immediately adjust to your new location when you move, and give you concert results for your new location. Many of these apps will have the ability to alert you when a concert is playing nearby within the next few weeks, so you can immediately jump on tickets.

Most of these apps will give you the ability to only be notified by concerts within certain genres like rock or jazz, or even specific bands if you want.

Look for Late Releases

If you see on your app or through another source that a concert is opening but it's really last minute, all is not lost in terms of finding tickets. Even if the normal ticket locations don't have any available, you can often find late releases in late release sites.

There are sites out there that specialize in helping you find late release tickets which are available because of an overestimation about the number of reserve tickets were needed for special guests. You can take advantage of this problem by getting a hold of last minute late ticket releases from sites that have them online.

Check Re-sellers

There are people online that buy concert tickets specifically to sell them for a profit. You might have to pay a slightly higher price over what the ticket would normally cost, but if it really is last minute than many of these re-sellers may be desperate to unload them and you can take advantage.

The important thing is to have as many concert news feeds as you can to give you information about emerging tickets so you can prepare for the concerts you want well in advance. But if you do decide to go last minute, using resources like mobile apps will make the process easier.