In VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting, the main server is divided into segments in which each of the hosted businesses has its own separate operating system and resources and acts as an independent server. While in some ways, VPS hosting has many functions and features that are similar to shared hosting, you will find it comes with many benefits you won't get with shared hosting.

Exclusive Server Resources

When you're using shared hosting, you share the resources on the server with everyone else using it. With VPS, you have exclusive resources for your website. You will have your own CPU, IP, RAM, data storage and data transfer, as well as a number of other resources. Regardless of many resources the other sites on the main server consume, it can in no way affect your resources and your site's performance.

Greater Control

When you choose VPS hosting, you'll have much greater control. For example, you can choose your operating system, install your own control panel and software and configure your server any way you like without any restrictions. You have the option to add custom scripts and applications for running your website that would not be available to you with a shared server.

Improved Performance

When you're using a shared host, all the users are sharing the same limited resources of a single server. As a result, if everyone gets a lot of traffic at the same time, performance (as experienced by site users and visitors) can significantly decrease. You will get much better and more reliable performance using the guaranteed resources provided by VPS hosting. In addition, because you will have complete root access, you can adjust the server to achieve maximum hosting performance.

Greater Security

Because VPS hosting (unlike shared hosting) provides you with the capacity to install effective custom firewalls, it is much more secure. Shared hosting often represents a significant security risk because of the neighboring websites. Using VPS hosting entirely eliminates this risk, protecting your data and website from hacks or attacks by your neighbors. In addition, because your section of the server will have a unique IP address, your mail service is protected from any blacklisting that might be imposed on other businesses using the main server.

Lower Cost

While it could be argued that a dedicated server would provide all the benefits listed above, VPS hosting still has one benefit that having your own server would not offer. This is affordability. Monthly payments for a dedicated server can run into hundreds of dollars. You can get VPS hosting for a fraction of this price. Considering that VPS provides you with everything that a dedicated server would, cheap windows VPS hosting is clearly the more cost-effective option.